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lapp++ lite



  • custom sound notifications for each lap and when the lapp++ lite is ready to count the next lap


  • Screen stays on (Apple Devices)

What makes lapp++ lite different from lapp++?

If you are looking for a simple, low cost lap counting app,

this is the app for you!


  • Customizable Sound Alerts

    • choose to use halfway, last lap, mile complete or the surprisingly handy,  out of region notifications  - or turn them all off!

  • Lock Screen Notifications 

    • know what lap you are on without having to unlock your device!

  • Screen Settings

    • keep your screen from turning off when the app is in view (it comes in very handy when using the tap count!)

  • Reverse Lap Counting​

    • do you like counting down your laps instead of counting up?  Then this feature is for you!​

  • Better count control for Android devices, customized by facility - minimizes extra lap​ counts