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1.  Download the lapp++ from the Google Play Store.
3.  Start your workout!
Once you have selected your facility, you can begin!  It's that easy! 

 Keep scrolling to learn about the 

 user friendly options! 

The More You Know...
There are other features of the lapp++ counter that can help make your workout easier.
First, let's talk about the Laps per Mile spinner and how it effects sound notifications.
** NEW!! **
When you choose your facility, the stepper automatically changes to the number of laps that equals a mile at your track!
If you set the stepper to equal the number of laps for a mile at your particular facility, you will hear 4 different sounds.  
Regular Lap:
Mile Complete:
Lap Count -
00:00 / 00:00
Mile Complete -
00:00 / 00:00
Halfway -
00:00 / 00:00
** NEW! **
Sounds can be turned off or on from the new Settings Menu!  Check it out!
The last notification is to let you know that the device cannot sense the beacon anymore and is ready to count the next lap.
Out of Range:
Out of Range -
00:00 / 00:00
Another nice feature of the lapp++ counter is the tap count.
Bluetooth has a few limitations, one is that its frequency is perfectly absorbed by water.  That is, bluetooth signals cannot be received through water.  Guess what?  Humans are 60+% water!  So, that means if the track is busy with people working out, your device may not receive a signal to count your hard-earned lap.
No worries!  This is where the tap counter comes in handy.  Just open the phone and tap the turtle shell and, voila!  You get a lap!  
** NEW! **
Swipe right if you get an extra count!
This is a feature that can come in handy if the app picks up beacon signals across the track.
Make sure you swipe above or below the shell, as marked here.

Advanced Menu Settings

Let's start with Lap Goal
Lap Goal works whether or not you use reverse count.  
Selecting the "Enter Lap Goal" brings up
another window and keyboard.  
*** Please only enter a number in the field! ***
Unexpected crashes could occur.
If you have the "Workout Complete" sound on, you will get a special sound notification to let you know you met your goal!  
Reverse Count
Sounds self explanatory but still worth talking about!
Reverse Count only works when you enter a number in the lap goal.
When you get to zero, it stops counting (no negative numbers)
Feel free to switch in the middle of your workout, the app will give you credit for any laps completed.
FYI:  the app will save your preferences so next time you start the app, your settings will be the same as  your last workout.  Pretty neat, eh? 
This feature helps those users that utilize the tap counter.  
Keeping the screen on can help keep the app awake and scanning for beacons.
This feature is also a saved preference so the app will remember if you like it on or off.
The screen can still be turned off by hitting the power button even with this switch enabled.
Keep Screen On
Click "Toggle Sounds" to go to another menu.
Let's explain the 2 new sounds:
Custom Sound Notifications
Last Lap -
00:00 / 00:00
Last Lap will play on your last lap if the switch is on and you have entered a lap goal.
Workout Complete -
00:00 / 00:00
Workout Complete will play if the switch is on and you have entered a lap goal.
Your sound settings will be saved in preferences too!

How to get started:

2.  Start the app
** NEW!! ** Choose your facility!
Choose Manual Beacon Number and type in the identification number of the beacon(s) that you will need for your workout.  
** Make sure your device's bluetooth is on and location permissions are allowed!! **
(the app will prompt you for location permissions)

Have a great workout!!