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 How does it work? 

The lapp++ counter was designed to count laps for indoor runners and walkers.  The app works in conjunction with Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons.  The beacons allow laps to be counted without user interaction.  

What are bluetooth low energy beacons?

BLE beacons are the core of the functionality of the app.  They are small hardware devices that send signals to your smart device and trigger an action.  

How can I get my gym to integrate this technology? 

Easy!  Contact us so that we may set up a demonstration at your local facility! 


Get your own beacon!  

$30 - shipped and ready for use!

Contact Us if interested!

Now Available!!
"Necessity...the mother of
  invention."                     -Plato

Long runs indoors in the winter are no fun.  If you would like to use that time to think about anything else but how many laps you've done, this app is for you.  This app is dedicated to my fellow "Squirrel!"s.  Get out there and be awesome.